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Bondi Beach, Sydney

Black Cat Silhouette

Pelican Feeding

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Bondi Beach, Sydney

Black Cat Silhouette

Pelican Feeding

Who is RovingEye?

In 2005 RovingEye was created as a stock photo library by designer JoMiKo, and her photographer partner, Bob Barker. Together, they compiled over 5,000 images featuring the travel industry, with a lot of Australian content in particular.

Over time, this collection has grown and developed to become a substantial resource hub.

Today, RovingEye is offering those images, plus many more stock images, free to download and use in your personal and commercial projects.

Each month we add a collection of new images for you to add to your projects.

RovingEye is the perfect resource for designers, bloggers, and all creatives looking for quality content.

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Are All RovingEye Images Free?

All images listed on the website are currently free to use under a Creative Commons license for personal and commercial uses. Please be aware of our Terms under the Content License Agreement.

We are adding new collections on a regular basis. Currently these collections are also free to use. We encourage you to sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive alerts when these new image selections are available to be downloaded.

We are providing many of these images for free. To enable us to continue to build our image library we ask that you please credit and/or back-link to where possible.

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How Can I Use My Free Photos?

Our images are photographed and supplied by photographers happy for you to use them in your creative projects, blog posts, websites, or in print.

Whilst the photos listed on this site are free to download and use, many do not have model or property release. The content is provided ‘as is’, without warranty of any kind.

Certain images may contain copyrighted brands, logos or personal properties, which RovingEye and its owners does not warrant. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary rights and consents for the use of this content.

We also ask that you credit and/or back-link to wherever possible to assist us to grow our collection further. 

For full Terms of Use see our Content License Agreement

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